Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening, Dubai

What is Laser Vaginal Tightening?

Since the vaginal wall contains collagen fibres, over time these can stretch and cause the vaginal wall to lose elasticity. This can cause a reduction in enjoyment of sexual intercourse. As well as a normal part of aging, this reduction in elasticity can be increased after child birth. Women may also notice that urinary incontinence occurs. Another consequence of the loss of elasticity in the vagina can be repeat vaginal infections which are debilitating and distressing.

New technology has allowed us to offer a revolutionary technique for tightening the vaginal walls. Using a laser to stimulate collagen growth, it will tighten the vaginal wall, thereby restoring a more youthful feel. It also helps reduce urinary incontinence. In addition, feedback has shown that Laser Vaginal Tightening also helps those that suffer from dryness and recurrent vaginal infections.

  • Is not painful – women who have had the procedure report only a tingle of warmth but no pain.
  • Has no downtime
  • Is a very quick procedure, over in minutes
  • Is proven technology

The treatment provides long lasting improvement in vaginal sensation and control of urinary incontinence. Results generally last from 18 months to 2 years depending on your individual health and pre-existing laxity. Many women will have a maintenance treatment every 12-18 months.

The number of treatments that are required for each individual will vary. This will be determined at your Consultation.

During your consultation with one of our Doctors you will be advised on steps to be taken before and after the procedure and how to maintain the results.